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If you’re looking to downsize from your home or move out of your tiny apartment, renting or leasing a condo in St. Catharines is the perfect fit for you. Condominium units offer a catered lifestyle with lots of benefits that make condo living an excellent option for couples, working professionals, students or retirees. St. Catharines has some beautiful newer and recently built condos to choose from that range in cost, location and amenities. Since you’re renting or leasing, there is no hefty upfront costs, condo fees, or long-term commitments to worry about. Most rental or lease agreements only require a time dedication of one year. This makes renting or leasing an excellent option for anyone unsure of where they want to be in five years.

Renting a Condo in St. Catharines Makes Sense for Many People

St. Catharines is referred to as “The Garden City” for a good reason. The city’s lush parks, trails and gardens are exquisite and allow St. Catharines to be more than just a city of concrete and steel. St. Catharines is home to some fantastic casual and fine-dining establishments, shopping centres, theatres, concert venues, pubs, local shops and more. The city has a terrific nightlife scene that includes nightclubs, bars, and activities enjoyed year-round. There are wineries, golf courses, beaches, conservation areas, farmers markets, and more. St. Catharines truly has it all. No matter what you’re into, St. Catharines has something for you to enjoy. If you’re looking to rent or lease a condo, look no further than the beautiful city of St. Catharines.
215 Glenridge Ave 205, St. Catharines
Welcome To Suite 205. This Sought After Condo Building Had A Lot Of New Updates. Outdoor Pool, Media Rooms. Convenient Location To Brock Uni, Major Shopping, Public Transportation, Downtown And Dining. Unit With Lots Of Open Space. Large Living Room With Formal Dining, Extra Along Balcony, Large In-Suite Storage Room. Parking Available.
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