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About St. Catharines Real Estate

Located in south-central Ontario, St. Catharines is the largest city in the Niagara Region. It is also referred to as “The Garden City” thanks to its lush gardens, trails and parks. St. Catharines is conveniently situated an hour away from Toronto and only 20 minutes away from the United States border, making it a fantastic commuter city. As with most towns across the country, St. Catharines has experienced a steady rise in property values that has caused many people to go on the hunt for a place to rent instead. Renting or leasing is an excellent alternative for anyone who is saving up to buy the right place or is unsure of where they may want to be in a few years.

Best Reasons to Lease a Property in St. Catharines

Whether you’re looking to rent or lease a condo, townhome or house, St. Catharines has something to fit your needs. The city is home to some magnificent casual and fine-dining restaurants, shopping centres, local shops, wineries, pubs, theatres, concert venues and art galleries. St. Catharines has a thriving arts and culture scene where creativity is encouraged to flourish. The city is filled with picturesque elements, such as the harbour front village of Port Dalhousie and historic sites to create the ultimate infusion of modern and classic architecture. Families, couples, retirees and working professionals will find something to love about this thriving city. If you’re looking to experience all the fantastic components that make St. Catharines such an in-demand place to live, consider renting or leasing a property there today.
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